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Dr. Dara utilizes Rapid Resolution Therapy®, to achieve maximized results. She transforms automatic change by eliminating blocks. Emotional and behavioral difficulties are diminished and mind-body healing is promoted.

Discover Your Well Being

Enduring Peace

Live your life fully and free of anxiety. With accelerated physical change and lasting healing you will achieve your weight loss goals and obtain optimal health. Gentle pathways will be opened with clinical hypnosis to generate a decrease in pain from injury or illness, leaving you free and at ease.

Enduring Peace

Freedom from PTSD, Depression and Trauma with a maximized emotional change creating long term intimate connections and enjoyment established. Disordered eating patterns will be eliminated and freedom from Eating Disorders will be accomplished.

Peak Performance

Increased inner power in reaching your fitness and athletic goals with my sports psychology mastery program is accomplished. My coaching practices achieve remarkable change in levels of performance. Blocks are cleared and your drive is increased to discover renewed determination to reach your full athletic potential.

“You will leave with high performance thinking and sports psychology techniques to improve yourself in personal growth for life, sports, and business.”
~ Dr. Dara

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