About Dr. Dara


Dr. Dara grew up as a collegiate competitive tennis player. She chose the field of psychology because she is passionate about the specific areas of peak performance, peace of mind and accelerated healing coaching.

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Rapid Resolution Therapist
  • Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Author
  • Featured Psychologist in the Media

Dr. Dara utilizes Rapid Resolution Therapy to gently and effectively clear blocks and achieve dramatic transformation to decrease levels of anxiety immediately and increase clarity to reach full physical and emotional balance.

She has a diverse clinical background specializing with athletic performance, trauma and eating disorders. Her work incorporates individual, couples and family therapy. Her sports clients include Olympic and world class professional athletes.

She was a lead therapist at Milestones in Recovery, a comprehensive Eating Disorder Treatment Center for 10 years with a strength to integrate and promote mind/body healing.

She has extensive experience facilitating groups and is invited to lecture locally and nationally.


I am committed to helping you gain clarity, find peace and awaken your power. With Rapid Resolution Therapy, you get unstuck quickly to release your inner champion to win the game of life.

~ Dr. Dara

Dr. Dara lives in South Florida with her husband, two young children, two Italian Greyhounds and one gentle-giant Greyhound. Dr. Dara continues to be a competitive athlete at heart and lives an energetic, zestful lifestyle. Dr. Dara walks the walk, and lives the principles she believes and teaches.

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About Dr. Dara
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