Talking to Your Kids About the Election

Dear anyone trying to understand how to talk to their kids about the elections, As Americans we have the privilege to vote. With that privilege comes responsibility - a responsibility to use our voices by voting our choice as participants in our democracy. We also...

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It is like riding a bicycle….

Even after over 20 years, sort of. With gratitude to my physical strength and muscle memory that got my ass to the the ball and remembered how to stroke and make contact! It felt smooth until I felt my breathing labor and my body tighten. I focused so hard, I forgot...

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Dear everyone emotionally impacted by COVID…

First of all, when I say dear everyone emotionally impacted by COVID, if your first thought is, it hasn’t impacted me…You have more serious problems than being emotionally distraught by COVID or getting it. Because there ain’t no one not impacted by this! If you think...

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COVID- Because why, you do not think you can get it?

Dear anyone who thinks they are an invincible immortal, anyone who has fear of mortality and everyone on this planet who has an opinion about COVID-19, Maybe you thought COVID happens to other people, or COVID won’t happen to you. Maybe you felt bad for others as you...

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In a world 🌎 you can be anything 🌈 ….

Dear everyone, Ever get a phrase or words to a song stuck in your head? You literally hear it to the point of nauseam! Like the song You’re So Vain… you probably think this song is about you!! It gets so deep into your brain that every sentence starts and ends with...

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Dear anyone with a heartbeat…

I don’t think there is anyone on this planet that has never felt guilty after eating too much food or has not had some thought about their body not being good enough. We eat when we are happy, sad, to socialize, when we are lonely, bored, overwhelmed, or if the wind...

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