5 AMAZING weeks left in 2017!
Try something new, try something old, TRY SOMETHING! Power is the essence of effort. Determination is the heart of strength.
I used to love boxing. Over the years I have felt intimidated to do it again. I worried whether I could still do it. I worried whether I would be as good as I used to. I worried about worrying about it. So I dusted off my gloves and put them on. Just taking them out felt empowering. Putting them on felt even stronger. And hitting the bag… well, when I heard that pop, it was magical. I unleashed the beast from within! Energies are flooding and surging. Opportunity is opening and becoming even more available. I am not the same as I used to be. My punches are different and my timing is taking a bit to connect. But I am doing something. Nothing will be the same, not my mind, not my punches, not my body. But maybe, just maybe my mind can now be clearer, my punches can be crisper, and my body, well, maybe it can be different. It can be stronger and more flexible. I can just try something and honor my body as the amazing vessel it is that has nourished a family and has carried me on my journey. So, try something new, try something old, just try something.
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