We often think our minds are so complicated, yet they really are simple.
I am sure most of you are like me. When someone tells me not to do something. I do it, in fact I do it twice as much! Our minds work similarly.
Try this: Think of a pink elephant, now don’t think of a pink elephant. Come on, try really hard to stop thinking about a pink elephant.
β€”β€”- 🐘
Where we focus our energy is where it goes. Mind does not hear the β€œDON’T”. Mind only hears the command. Like with a child, the more I tell them not to yell, the louder they get.
β€”β€”- πŸ‘Ά
Offer an alternative of what you want to happen. If I keep telling myself not to mess up, I mess up more. If I keep telling myself to not want to eat a cookie, the more cookies I end up eating!
If you want to increase your focus and magnify your energy to make things happen, I invite you to join me to UNLEASH YOUR INNER CHAMPION!

June 23rd at Yoga Factory Weston from 1-3pm

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