The Results

Dr. Dara utilizes Rapid Resolution Therapy for fast and effective treatments of many of life’s problems including:

  • Eating Disorders
  • Athletic Performance
  • Weight Loss
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Pain
  • Anger/Resentment
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship Issues
  • Grief
  • Poor Self Esteem
  • Guilt/Shame
  • Addiction
  • Maternal Mental Health

Dr. Dara is definitely a very important part of our team! We call her our “secret weapon”! Every skater she touched has improved drastically on the ice in their daily training session and during their performances in competition… Most importantly her guidance has helped all of of them achieve balance in life!

Her positive energy and wisdom are contagious!! We are so thankful for her work!

Syliva Fontana and John Zimmerman

John Zimmerman is an American professional pair skater. A three-time national champion and World bronze medalist with partner Kyoko Ina, he now skates and coaches with his wife, Italian national champion, Silvia Fontana, 5-time Italian Champion, 2-time Winter Olympian.

Dr. Dara has become more than the Pines Figure Skating Club’s Sport Psychologist. She truly cares about each skater. She works with coaches and families to help maximize results for the athletes. Dr. Dara not only treats each athlete as an individual, but she approaches their mental well being with the utmost care-with the intent of helping them, not only in sport, but in life.

The results I have seen with my own students working with her have been truly remarkable. She helps the athletes recognize their inner strength and then helps them use it. She’s become an irreplaceable part of our coaching team and our skating family.

Jennifer Houghton Morris
Coach & Director of Figure Skating
Pines Ice Arena / Pines Figure Skating Club

Dr. Dara helped our daughter Reagan make the most of her competitive figure skating experiences. She enters each lesson or competition with a more positive spirit and learns from every experience. This helps her to grow as a skater, student, and as a person. Dr Dara’s sessions are something that she will take with her the rest of her life.

Figure Skater

Completely changed my way of thinking and performance. Thanks to Dr. Dara we won our 1st Grand Prix, a European medal, an International title,and placed 5th at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres
Paris, France

We are so grateful to Dr. Dara for all her wonderful guidance, love and support which has truly helped my daughter to let go of her fears and embrace her gifts and truly begin to soar. It is such a blessing to have her as part of the team and this journey.

Mom of Skater

I no longer have panic attacks or debilitating anxiety that would cause me to throw up before matches. My world ranking has gone up on the ATP tour and I am enjoying tennis and competition like never before.

Women’s Professional Tennis Player

Coach Dara, I am not nervous anymore before matches and compete like Superman, calm and collected. When I do get nervous, i smile because my head automatically thinks it means i am ready to compete. I use our practice rituals and my attitude is much better on the court, ask my coach!

National Junior Tennis Player

Now that my head is cleared from past loses and disappointments, I am running faster than ever. My body is looser and I am having less injuries. Thank you Dr. Coach Dara!


Dr. Dara is AMAZING! She helped me overcome my pain and gain mobility in my leg again. Without her, I would not be able to do what I love!

14 year old Performing Artist
Plantation, FL

As a Mom of an Athlete and a child that wants to be perfection at all times it’s hard to get your point across.

Dr. Dara has a special bond with these children she knows how to relate to each one individually and break through their obstacles whether if it’s on ice or off ice.
She has done an amazing job with my Daughter and it’s great to know my Daughter can talk to someone that she can truly trust. Thank you Dr Dara for caring for our children!

Mom 10 year old figure skater
Cooper City, FL

My sessions with Dr. Dara have helped me keep my passion towards figure skating. As a competitor my mental toughness has sharpened and I handle nerves and pressure.

Figure Skating Competitor

Dr. Dara is amazing! She helps me engage my focus and relax. Dr. Dara just helps me forget about pressure and just skate.

10 year old figure skater

Dr. Dara Bushman has been a positive influence on my life personally and professionally. With Rapid Resolution Therapy she cleared past childhood trauma. I am no longer an insomniac and get full nights sleep too. I am not grounded and present regardless of circumstances. I now have sharper tools to use with my patients and can apply during births.


After my experience with Dr. Dara and Rapid Resolution therapy I am free from nightmares and can now talk about my traumas without feeling emotionally charged up. It is just a story from part of my past.

Navy Chief

I no longer live in the past and live joyfully in the present thanks to Dr. Dara.


I have not binged in 9 months and I have lost 25 pounds. I have never gone this long without binging. I have tried treatment, every diet and 12 step meetings and now with Rapid Resolution Therapy, my recovery is sustainable. I feel like the only thing i have gained is a new perspective.

Sales Professional

I am no longer in an abusive relationship or a prisoner to the trauma of it after one session with Dr. Dara. I feel lighter, clearer, and excited for my future.


The sexual trauma of my childhood is now in my past and no longer affects my day to day life. I did not think it could ever be possible. I have increased energy and desire to do things I love again. I don’t have have cravings to drink anymore. Thank you, Dr. Dara!


I recently consulted Dr. Dara for treatment of PTSD. Through the Rapid Resolution Therapy techniques she employed I saw more progress in 1 afternoon session than I saw in 8 years of traditional therapy.

Former Police Officer
Philadelphia, PA

I worked with Dr. Bushman through the healing of RRT to remove a compulsive behavior that was ruining my life. Doing this behavior was taking over my everyday quality of living. Dr. Bushman did One 3-hour RRT session with me. Things in my life that was so dark and heavy was lifted. They no longer carry the same weight and intensity. It saved my life.

Sales Manager

Dr. Bushman is a role model she gave me back my spark and she continues to guide me through all my struggles. Dr. Bushman helped me find joy in the journey.

Nursing Student
Tampa, FL

For many years I sought effective help during stressful and highly emotional periods of my life. None of the traditional methods seemed to work quickly, nor permanently. I read books, journaled, attended counseling, exercised, and meditated. While helpful, the anxiety returned along with the same patterns that caused the heightened emotions and stress.

After a very painful break up, I couldn’t shake the heart ache, anger, and grief. These feelings led to frequent depressive episodes and loss of interest in my life. After our first session I was amazed at how I left feeling different, even lighter. Then after a few days following RRT, I noticed even a more drastic change, as the anger was gone and new energy and interest in life emerged. Today, just a few months since our first meeting, I am a new woman with a ‘skies-the-limit’ perspective. Thank you Dr. Dara.

Web Designer
Hollywood, FL

I have had the pleasure and blessing to work with Dr. Dara. Her approach was extremely helpful to achieve my goals and develop a solid plan. Dr. Dara is an inspiration.

Baltimore, MD

Thank you Dr. Dara for playing a large part of my journey to recovery and self-discovery!

Davie, FL

With RRT I was able to see more progress in 1 session than months of other forms of treatment.

Psychology Graduate Student
Davie, FL

Dara put the chaos to bed and quickly lead me back to my true self and I can now have gentler relationships.

Cherry Hill, NJ

Dr. Dara’s gift is to understand and truly connect. My perspective has been shifted “that nothing has to be done”. I am excited for who I am and where I am on my journey.

Project Manager
Jacksonville, FL

After sessions with Dr. Dara, I take risks I was unwilling to take and succeed at them with flying colors. I needed to pass a state board licensure exam and can say I owe it to her that I passed. She also helped me overcome family relationship issues I did not believe were ever possible.

License Clinical Social Worker

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